How to become a firefighter?

With currently rising demand in firefighters and other related occupations like investigators or inspectors, more and more people choose this challenging occupation.

Becoming a firefighter takes the following steps:

  • Getting a fire science degree
  • Taking exams and finding a job placement
  • Continuing education and progress on the job

Usually, before even starting your training in a college to get a degree in fire science, you will be required to accomplish a CPR course. Apart of that, you need to be in a great physical shape – firefighters work in extreme conditions and requirements are high.

Firefighter training is not as easy as it may seem – apart of detailed first aid course you will learn how to deal with modern equipment and how to maintain it.

Exams are divided into several parts: theoretical test, physical condition test and background checks. All of those are quite challenging. In the vast majority of cases firefighters work for the government, so benefits package is very reasonable.

Your path to becoming a firefighter doesn’t end there. You need to be a life-long learner to maintain your knowledge and probably advance your career by getting additional certifications and responsibilities. These are required to further become a captain, lieutenant or battalion chief.

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